Volume 8 – Number 1 – 2000

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  • 'People's Remembrancers' in a post-modern age: contemplating the non-crisis of Welsh labour history
    Andy Croll
  • Manufacturing the Past - The Representation of Mining Communities in History, Literature and Heritage: '...Fantasies of a world that never was'?
    Julie Light
  • Wales and the National Health Service
    Martin Powell
  • John Davies and the Workers' Educational Association in south Wales
    John Davies
  • Miners' Learning in the South Wales Coalfield 1900-1947
    Alun Burge
  • WJ Parry: Quarryman's Champion
    J. Ll. W. Williams
  • Men of Coal: Miners' leaders in north-east Wales, 1890-1961
    Keith Gildart
  • A Mirror of Wales? Sound broadcasting by the BBC's Welsh Region, 1937-1964
    Robert Smith
  • Editorial
    Neil Evans, Mari Williams
  • Reports
    Robert Smith
Volume 8 – Number 1 – 2000
Volume 8 – Number 1 – 2000

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