The Ieuan Gwynedd Jones Essay Prize 2022


Llafur, The Welsh People’s History Society is pleased to invite entries for the Ieuan Gwynedd Jones Prize, 2022.

Professor Ieuan Gwynedd Jones (1921-2018) was one of the most insightful of Welsh social historians. His works, collected in Explorations and Explanations (1981), Communities (1987) and Mid-Victorian Wales: The Observers and the Observed (1992) explored the social and cultural history of Victorian Wales, and remain essential reading for all modern Welsh historians.

Entry is open to all previously unpublished authors, and essays are invited on any aspect of Welsh social or cultural history (including labour history, the history of political culture, women’s history, gender history and the history of minorities). Entries should be conceived and written as complete and coherent entities in themselves (as opposed to edited versions of longer pieces). Formal research articles, historiographical review articles, or more speculative or polemical essays are equally welcome, but all entries should be grounded in both primary and secondary research work.

Entries should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words (including footnotes in the journal’s house-style format) and may be submitted in English or Welsh to the editors of Llafur by the end of July 2022 at The winning entry will be published in Llafur, and its author will receive a prize of £100 (or the equivalent in books) and a year’s membership of Llafur: the Welsh People’s History Society. Llafur is a peer reviewed journal.

The 2021 prize was awarded to  ‘”Onid gwybod yw gobaith / A gorau grym gŵr y graith?”: Pobologrwydd dosbarthiadau Cymdeithas Addysg y Gweithwyr yn Nyffryn Nantlle, Arfon (1900-1950),’ by Ffion Owen, and can be read in the 2021 edition of the journal.