Llafur: the Journal of Welsh People’s History

Llafur is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that aims to offer a platform for work on all aspects of the people’s history of Wales in every period of history. It aims to publish lively, challenging work, in English or Welsh, on a variety of aspects of the social, political, economic and cultural history of Wales and the Welsh in the world. Llafur has appeared every year since 1972 and has contributed to the massive development in Welsh historical studies in that time. It has published work by a large number of individuals from a range of disciplines, and authors have varied from internationally-regarded scholars to young researchers at the beginning of their careers and to non-specialists and amateur historians with an interest in Wales’s past.

The editors welcome submissions from academic and non-academic historians alike, in the form of scholarly articles (no more than 10,000 words), document discussions, and shorter notices. Review articles or treatments of historiographical matters are also welcome but should be agreed with the editors beforehand. Potential contributors should write in an accessible style for a general readership and should submit their contributions in hard copy or, preferably, by e-mail attachment to one of the editors listed below.

Anyone for whom these considerations cause a problem is encouraged to contact one of the editors for advice and assistance.

Contributions should be sent to either of the joint editors.

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