Event 1 – held on 11 July 2020

Darren Macey, Chris Hill, Neil Evans, Hywel Francis and Carolyn Hitt reflect on controversial histories of ‘race’ and empire in Welsh memorials and monuments, inspired by the fall of Edward Colston and issues of cultural heritage raised by Black Lives Matter.

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Event 2 – held on 18 July 2020

STOP THE SPRINGBOKS! – Wales and Opposition to Apartheid

Fifty years ago, an all-white rugby union team from South Africa toured Wales. Opposition to that tour was an expression of the already on-going fight against apartheid.

Join Morwenna Osmond, Hanef Bhamjee, Mick Antoniw, Hywel Francis, Mair Francis and Gaynor Legall for a roundtable discussion between founders, members, protesters  and historians as we explore the origins, development and wider historical and cultural impact of the Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement.


Event 3 –  held on 1 August 2020

Llafur’s online event series continues with a discussion on slavery and its connections to Wales. Join Chris Evans, Marian Gwyn and Audrey West to reflect on this complex, nuanced relationship in a Welsh context, and its importance in present discussions about race, place and identity raised by the Black Lives Matter movement.


Event 4 – held on 15 August 2020

Crossing the Colour Line: Empire, War and Racial Violence, 1900-1925 

Llafur’s online event series continues with a talk from Neil Evans. This talk focuses on the Cardiff race riots of 1919 but tries to set them in the context of Welsh involvement in the empire, and the changes in the international situation after the collapse of slavery in the Atlantic world.



Event 5 – held on 26 August 2020

Q&A – Wales and Slavery

Join us for an extended question and answer session on Wales’ connections to slavery. Welcoming back guest speakers Chris Evans, Marian Gwyn and Audrey West, we return to your questions and comments to dig deeper into Wales’ relationship with the slave trade, its legacy today and how we confront these issues in a historical context.



Event 6 – held on 29 August 2020

‘The Proud Valley’ – Paul Robeson and Wales

In the final chapter of Llafur’s summer series, we conclude with a discussion on the life of Paul Robeson and his connections to Wales. 80 years after the release of ‘The Proud Valley’ in 1940, join Beverley Humphreys, Tayo Aluko and Mark Rhodes to reflect upon a bond forged in the winter of 1929 and that endures today.