Volume 5 – Number 1 – 1988

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  • Report from the South Wales Miners' Library
  • The Welsh Worker in the Fourteenth Century: An introduction to labour prehistory
    Carr, A. D.
  • Mudiad y Di-waith Dyffryn Nantlle, 1956-1960
    Edwards, Gwyn
  • The Virtuosi of Merthyr
    Herbert, Trevor
  • To-day We Live: The Making of a Documentary in a Welsh Mining Valley
    Hogenkamp, Bert
  • Strikes in Wales 1888-1958: A Case for Computing
    Hopkin, Deian
  • Images of Tiger Bay: Did Howard Spring tell the truth?
    Jordan, Glenn H.
  • Police and Labour in the age of Lindsay, 1910-1936
    Morgan, Jane
  • 'Nhw oedd y Chwarelwyr - Arwyr Y Fro' (The Pembrokeshire Slate Quarrymen)
    Roberts, Dafydd
  • 'Kameradschaft' and After: The Miners and Film
    Stead, Peter
  • 'How's the Tenors in Dowlais?' Hegemony, Harmony and Popular Culture in England and Wales 1600-1900
    Williams, Gareth
Volume 5 – Number 1 – 1988
Volume 5 – Number 1 – 1988

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