Volume 3 – Number 4 – 1983

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  • News from the South Wales Miners' Library
  • Early Labour Battles in Ogmore
    Cox, Idris
  • The Labour Party and the "exclusion" of the Communists
    David, Wayne
  • "In a Broken Dream": Some aspects of sexual behaviour and the dilemmas of the unmarried mother in South West wales, 1887-1914
    Davies, Russell
  • Subsistence Production in the Eastern Valley of Monmouthshire: An Industrial Experiment, 1935-1939
    Ecroyd, Henry
  • The South Wales Race Riots of 1919: a documentary postscript
    Evans, Neil
  • The Tredegar Anti-Irish riots of 1882
    Parry, Jon
  • The Quarrymen's Union and the General Strike, 1926 (Undeb y Chwarelwyr a'r Streic Gyffredinol, 1926)
    Roberts, Dafydd
  • A Welshman in Salonika, 1916-1919: Iorwerth Miles Davies
    Sillars, Stuart
  • Wages, Leisure, Productivity in South Wales Coalmining, 1874-1914: a different "economic approach"
    Walters, Rhodri
Volume 3 – Number 4 – 1983
Volume 3 – Number 4 – 1983

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