Volume 3 – Number 2 – 1981

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  • Towards a Welsh Women's History
    Beddoe, Deirdre
  • The Apprentice Boys' Strikes of the Second World War
    Broomfield, Stuart
  • Miners' Medical Services before the First World War: The South Wales Coalfield
    Earwicker, Ray
  • Report on the Contributions to the Discussion 'Llafur in the 1980's'
    Evans, Neil
  • Three Rhondda Working Class Writers
    George, Phillip
  • The Labour Party in Wales: The Dynamics of One-Partyism
    McAllister, Ian
  • The Neath Bye-election, 1945: The Trotskyists in West Wales
    McHugh, J & Ripley, B. J.
  • Islwyn Nicholas, 1903-1980
    Morris, Ronald T.
  • The Case of Alun Lewis: A Divided Sensibility
    Smith, David
Volume 3 – Number 2 – 1981
Volume 3 – Number 2 – 1981

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