Volume 2 – Number 3 – 1978

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  • News from the South Wales Miners' Library
  • 'The Slaves of the Lamp' - The Aberdare Miners' Strike, 1910
    Barclay, Martin
  • The Cardiff Coal Trimmers' Union, 1888-1914
    Daunton, Martin
  • The Making of A. J. Cook
    Davies, Paul
  • The Unofficial Reform Committee and the Miners' Next Step
    Egan, David
  • A. J. Cook in 1916-18
    Hopkin, Deian
  • Trevor Vaughan Remembers 1926
    Vaughan, Trevor
  • David Williams
    Williams, Gwyn A.
  • Dic Penderyn: The Making of a Welsh Working Class Martyr
    Williams, Gwyn A.
  • Mines for the Nation or Mines for the Miners? Alternative perspectives on Industrial Democracy 1919-21
    Woodhouse, M. G.
Volume 2 – Number 3 – 1978
Volume 2 – Number 3 – 1978

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