Llafur Spring Series 2022: Heritage, Landscape and Tourism

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Event Date: 10/03/2022
Event Starts: 10/3/22 07:00 pm Event Ends: 10/3/22 08:15 pm

Episode 1: Curious Travellers: Then and Now

Llafur begins its online Spring Series of 2022 with an exploration of how Welsh communities have been visited by people from across the country, and further afield, since the eighteenth century. Through this lens of travel, we can further uncover the ways the Welsh landscape has been transformed as a result of industrialisation, and how a continuing curiosity has translated into current heritage projects that shine an important light on hidden Welsh histories. To discuss this subject, join us and our guest speakers, Rita Singer, Nathan Abrams and Catrin Stevens, as we begin our journey through the subject of heritage, landscape and tourism.

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