Volume 9 – Number 1 -2004

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  • Laurence John Williams, 'LJ', 1927-2004
    Deian Hopkin
  • Tribute from a Friend and Colleague
    Karel Williams
  • A Family Tribute
    Kate Williams
  • John Williams and Llafur
    Neil Evans
  • Wales in British Politics: Forty Years On
    Kenneth O. Morgan
  • Intellectual Property, First Time Round: The Re-Invention of the South Wales Miners' Library
    Hywel Francis
  • Servants in Early Modern Wales: Co-operation, Conflict and Survival
    Sharon Howard
  • Notes on a Neglected Topic: General Unionism in Wales
    Joe England
  • The Wilson Government and Pit Closures in South Wales, 1964-1970
    Ben Curtis
  • Aneurin: Reinventing Labour, the Voices of a New Generation
    Andrew Edwards
  • A Valley Community in Transition: Ynysybwl in 1967
    Philip N. Jones
  • The Cardiganshire Election of 1966
    J. Graham Jones
  • Migrating into the Mainstream of Welsh History: The Irish and Others in Modern Wales
    Owen Roberts
Volume 9 – Number 1 -2004
Volume 9 – Number 1 -2004

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