Volume 8 – Number 2 – 2001

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  • Working-class culture and the labour movement in the South Wales and Ruhr coalfields, 1850-2000: a comparison
    Stefan Berger
  • Cymry 'gwlad yr aur': ymfudwyr cymreig yn Ballarat, Awstralia, yn ail hanner y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg
    Bill Jones
  • Criminals or Scapegoats? The Irish and Crime in Nineteenth-Century Cardiff
    Veronica Summers
  • 'Out of the Cage'? Women and the First World War in Pontypridd
    Lisa Snook
  • Banished From Consideration: The Response of the Labour Movement to the Introduction of Black Labour to Britain in 1916
    Alun Burge
  • Ernest Bevin and the General Strike: A Note
    J. Graham Jones
  • The Heresy of Arthur Horner
    John McIlroy and Alan Campbell
Volume 8 – Number 2 – 2001
Volume 8 – Number 2 – 2001

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