Volume 6 – Number 2 – 1993

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  • Spiritual Emblems: Visions of the 1904-5 Welsh Revival
    Harvey, John
  • Eugene Buckley and the Diagnosis of Insanity in the Early Victorian Prison
    Ireland, Richard
  • The Welsh Diaspora
    Johnston, W. Ross
  • 'Trade Union Traditions', the Oxford Welsh and the 1934 Pressed Steel Strike
    Lyddon, Dave
  • Cyflog Y Groes Yng Nghlwyd
    Owen, Trefor
  • Dai Bach y Soldiwr: Welsh Solidiers in the British Army 1914-18
    Phillips, Gervase
  • Women's Employment in the Nineteenth Century Anglesey
    Williams, Sydna Ann
Volume 6 – Number 2 – 1993
Volume 6 – Number 2 – 1993

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