Volume 10 – Number 1 – 2008

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter: Industrial Relations in Cardiff City Mental Hospital before the First World War
    Beech, Ian
  • Desmond Donnelly and the United Democratic Party, 1968-70
    Jones, J. Graham
  • A 'Splendid Field'? Emma Goldman in South Wales, 1925
    Morgan, Kevin
  • Identifying the Black Presence in Eighteenth-Century Wales
    Morris, David
  • Transnationalism and Modern British Labour History
    Roundtable Discussion
  • My Dear Dear Emma: Turning Emma Goldman's life into accessible television
    Thomas, Colin
  • Y Wasg Gymraeg yn Nhrefedigaeth Awstralia
    Tyler, Robert
Volume 10 – Number 1 – 2008
Volume 10 – Number 1 – 2008

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