Llafur AGM 2020 – ‘Breaking out from the Cocoon’ – Commemorating 50 Years of Llafur, Past, Present and Future

Event Location:

Event Date: 05/12/2020
Event Starts: 5/12/20 09:30 am Event Ends: 5/12/20 01:00 pm

In the first edition of the Llafur journal, produced in 1972, the society’s inaugural chair, and future president, Ieuan Gwynedd Jones, encouraged members to act for the purpose of uncovering those ‘whole areas of community experience about which the academic historian, comfortably cocooned and protected within his profession, can know nothing’.

Almost 50 years on from that statement of intent, and after a half-century of historical research, activity and engagement, Llafur invites you to our AGM this year for a moment of retrospection alongside a look at the present and future of the society. Featuring discussions on what we have achieved, and what we still need to achieve, exploring topics ranging from the trade union movement to issues of race in Welsh working-class society, please join us for an online day-school on how we are seeking both to respect and expand upon Ieuan Gwynedd Jones’ rallying cry.


  • 9.30am – Welcome
  • 9.35am – Our Tower: An Oral History of Work at Tower Colliery, 1947-1994 – Ben Curtis
  • 10.05am – Women’s History and Llafur – Stephanie Ward
  • 10.35am – Black Welsh Miners – Norma Gregory
  • 11.10am – Short Break
  • 11.25am – Memories, Photographs and Letters: Ieuan Gwynedd Jones and Llafur’s Early Years – Hywel Francis
  • 12.10pm – Short Break
  • 12.20pm – AGM
  • 1pm – Finish

The event will take place via Zoom. You will need to register for the event via Eventbrite using the following link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/breaking-out-from-the-cocoon-commemorating-50-years-of-llafur-tickets-130324414833

Once you have registered, details of the meeting ID and password will be emailed to you.