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Richard Price and the Atlantic Revolution

Edited by Chris Williams

Llafur 1991, (paperback)


Class, Community and the Labour Movement: Wales and Canada 1850-1930

Edited by Delan R Hopkin and Gregory S Kealey

Llafur CCLH 1989 (paperback)

Chyfnodolyn Bacia Dalmau ar Werth
Volume3 Number 2 1981 The Case of Alun Lewis: A Divided Sensibility - Report on the Contributions to the Discussion 'Llafur in the 1980's' - The Labour Party in Wales: The Dynamics of One-Partyism - The Neath Bye-election, 1945: The Trotskyists in West Wales - The Apprentice Boys' Strikes of the Second World War - Miners' Medical Services before the First World War: The South Wales Coalfield - Islwyn Nicholas, 1903-1980 - Three Rhondda Working Class Writers - Towards a Welsh Women's History 5
Volume 3 Number 3 1982 Wages, Leisure and Productivity in South Wales Coal Mining, 1874-1914: An Economic Approach - Evan Davies and Ebbw Vale: A Note - Dai Francis, People's Remembrancer - Unemployment and Politics in the Nineteenth Century - Parallels and Differences - Women at Work in the Nineteenth Century - Conditions of employment amongst the farm labour force in Nineteenth Century Wales - The Mold Riots of 1869 - Compulsory sterilisation of Welsh Miners, 1936 - The Politics of Coal in South Wales, 1945-48 - Llwynog o'r Graig 5
Volume 4 Number 1 1984 Self-Help in Nineteenth Century Wales: the rise and fall of the Female Friendly Society - The Swansea Valley: life and labour in the nineteenth century - A Miner Struggle? Women's Protests in Welsh Mining History - Syndicalist Teachers: The Rhondda Strike of 1919 - The slogan was 'Genuine Service': The Pontycymmer Co-op Society in its Great Days - Religious Revivalism and Welsh Industrial Society: Aberdare in 1859 - 'Y Frythones': Portread Cyfnodolion Merched Y Bedwaredd Ganrif ar Bymtheg O Gymraes yr Oes (Images of Women in Nineteenth Century) - Swansea and District's Labour Press, 1888-1914 5
Volume 4 Number 2 1985 Miners in the Law of Contract, 1875-1914 - The Welsh Political Archive - Tribute to Will Paynter (1903-1984) - The Early Peace Testimony in Wales - Inside the 'House of the Mad'. The social context of mental illness, suicide and the pressure of rural life in south west Wales c.1860-1920 - Sosialaeth I'r Cymru - Trafodaeth yr ILP (Socialism for the Welsh - the ILP debate) - Cardiff's Labour Traditions - Miners' Cinemas in South Wales in the 1920's & 1930's - A Pioneer in Workers' Education: Mark Starr and Workers' Education in Great Britain - Mark Starr, Socialist Educator 5
Volume 4 Number 3 1986 From the Valleys I Came - New Light on the New Unionism in Wales - Sam Mainwaring and the Autonomist Tradition - Trade Unionists and Early Socialism in South Wales, 1890-1908 - Keir Hardie, C.B. Stanton and the First World War - Noah Ablett 1883-1935 - Protagonist of Labour, Mark Starr, 1894-1985 - 'Syndicalist Teachers' in the Rhondda 1913-1919: A Comment 5
Volume 4 Number 4 1987 Women in Post War Wales - Agweddau ar y Gwrthwynebaid I'r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf yng Nghymru (Aspects of the opposition to the first world war in Wales) - DJ Davies - A Working Class Intellectual within Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, 1927-32 - Slate Workers in Wales, France and the United States: A Comparituve Study, 1870-1920 - Tonypandy and Llanelli Revisited - Wales in the Nineteen Sixties - "An Able Administrator of Capitalism?" The Labour Party in Rhondda, 1917-21 5
Volume 5 Number 1 1988 'How's the Tenors in Dowlais?' Hegemony, Harmony and Popular Culture in England and Wales 1600-1900 - 'Kameradschaft' and After: The Miners and Film - Images of Tiger Bay: Did Howard Spring tell the truth? - Mudiad y Di-waith Dyffryn Nantlle, 1956-1960 - 'Nhw oedd y Chwarelwyr - Arwyr Y Fro' (The Pembrokeshire Slate Quarrymen) - Police and Labour in the age of Lindsay, 1910-1936 - The Welsh Worker in the Fourteenth Century: An introduction to labour prehistory - Strikes in Wales 1888-1958: A Case for Computing - The Virtuosi of Merthyr - To-day We Live: The Making of a Documentary in a Welsh Mining Valley 5
Volume 5 Number 2 1989 'No Surrender in the Valleys': the 1984-5 Miners' Strike in South Wales - Attitudes to Women Workers at North Wales Coalmines 1840-1901 - Of Machines and Men in the 1920's - Educator and Agitator: Charlie Gibbons 1888-1967 - The Welsh Intermediate and Technical Education Act 1889 and the Education of Girls: Gender Stereotyping or Curricular Assimilation? - Another Letter from a Far Country: the Prehistory of Labour, or the History of Work in Preindustrial Wales - Representations of the Working Class Community: the Senghenydd Mining Disaster, 1913 5
Volume 6 Number 1 1992 A Mining Town in Wartime: The Fears for the Future - From Bar-stool to Choir-stall: Music and Morality in Late-Victorian Merthyr - O. M. Edwards, Culture and the Industrial Classes - The 1926 General Strike in Cardiff - Experiences in World War II - The World of Anthracite Miner - Work and Worship: Mining and Religion in the Paintings of Nicholas Evans - History, Heritage and Commemoration: Newport 1839-1989 - Spago, Lago a'r 'Sunshine Miners' 5
Volume 6 Number 2 1993 'Trade Union Traditions', the Oxford Welsh and the 1934 Pressed Steel Strike - The Welsh Diaspora - Spiritual Emblems: Visions of the 1904-5 Welsh Revival - Dai Bach y Soldiwr: Welsh Solidiers in the British Army 1914-18 - Women's Employment in the Nineteenth Century Anglesey - Cyflog Y Groes Yng Nghlwyd - Eugene Buckley and the Diagnosis of Insanity in the Early Victorian Prison 5
Volume 7 Number 1 1996 'Driven From Home': The Closure of Pembroke Dockyard and the Impact on its Community - 'Enlightenment of the Highest Order': The Education Programme of the South Wales Miners, 1956-1971 - A Healthy Place to Be? The Wrexham Coalfield in the Interwar Period - 'The Focus of the Mute Hopes of a Whole Class': Ramsey MacDonald and Aberavon, 1922-29 - Robert Jones Derfel: A Welsh Poet in the Cotton Factory Times - Political Victimisation in Late Nineteenth Century Gwynedd: The Case of W. J. Parry - 'Sexing the Mind': Women, Gender and Madness in Nineteenth Century Welsh Asylums - Bottom of the Heap: Identifying the Poor in West Wales Records, 1600-1680 - 'Going from Darkness to the Light': South Wales Miners' Attitudes towards Nationalisation 5
Volume 7 Number 2 1997 Pictures and Proletarians: South Wales Miners' Cinemas in the 1930's - 'Drunk on Hopes and Ideals': The Failure of Wales Television, 1959-1963 - 'Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a Thief': Anti-Welshness, the Press and Neil Kinnock - Cwmllynfell Colliery: An early attempt to form a workers' co-operative - Rift and Conflict within the Labour Party in the 1950's - Evacuation to Aberdare during World War Two - Gwyn Alfred Williams (1925-1995) and David Victor Jones (1941-1994) - The Mariners' Strike of 1336 in North Wales - Film Exhibition in Wales: A study of Circuits and Cinemas 5
Volume 7 Numbers 3 and 4 1998/99 Divided Loyalties: Women's Suffrage and Party Politics in South Wales, 1912-1915 - Self-Improvement and the Welsh Mineworker - From Blacksmith to Engineer: Artisan Technology in the Gwynedd Slate Industry - Facing the Dawn: Socialists, Nonconformists and Llais Llafur, 1906-1914 - Women and Poverty in South West Wales, 1834-1914 - The Culture of the Women's Suffrage Movement: The McKenzie Letters - The Fed: Birth and First Steps - A 'Subtle Danger'? The Voluntary Sector and Coalfield society in South Wales, 1926-1939 - The 'Budgie Train': Women and Wartime Munitions Work in a Mining Valley - Desmond Donnelly and the 1963 Labour Party Leadership Contest - 'The End of History as We Know It': Gwyn A. Williams as a Television Historian - Rival Prophets?: William Ferris Hay, Noah Ablett and the Debate over Working Class Political Action in the South Wales Coalfield 1910-1914 8
Volume 8 Number 1 2000 'People's Remembrancers' in a post-modern age: contemplating the non-crisis of Welsh labour history - A Mirror of Wales? Sound broadcasting by the BBC's Welsh Region 1937-1964 - Men of Coal: Miners' leaders in north-east Wales 1890-1961 - W. J. Parry: Quarryman's Champion? - Miners' Learning in the South Wales Coalfield 1900-1947 - John Davies and the Workers' Educational Association in South Wales - Manufacturing the Past - The Representation of Mining Communities in History, Literature and Heritage: '…Fantasies of a world that never was'? - Wales and the National Health Service 5
Volume 8 Number 2 2001 Working-Class Culture and the Labour Movement in the South Wales and The Ruhr Coalfields, 1850-2000: A Comparison - Cymry 'Gwlad Yr Aur': Ymfudwyr Cymreig Yn Ballarat, Awstralia, yn ail hanner y bedwaredd ganrif ar bymtheg - Criminals or Scapegoats? The Irish and Crime in Nineteenth-Century Cardiff - 'Out of the Cage'? Women and the First World War in Pontypridd - Banished From Consideration: The response of the Labour Movement to the introduction of Black Labour to Britain in 1916 - The Heresy of Arthur Horner - Ernest Bevin and the General Strike: A Note 5
Volume 8 Number 3 2002 A comment on 'Working-class Culture and the Labour Movement in the South Wales and Ruhr Coalfields, 1850-2000 - S. O. Davies and the Government of Wales Bill, 1955 - A 'New History' of the South Wales Coalfield? - Working-class Culture and the Labour Movement in South Wales Reconsidered - And What Should They Know of Wales?: Why Welsh history needs comparison - Hospital Provision, Charity and Public Responsibility in Edwardian Pontypridd - Swimming against the Tide: Gender, Learning and Advancement in South Wales, 1900-1939 - 'A Status to Onerous to Bear': Merthyr's Struggle for Civic Survival, 1926-36 - 'Servant of Two Tounges': the demise of TWW - 'Drunk and Riotous in Pontypridd': Women, the Police Courts and the Press in South Wales Coalfield Society, 1899-1914 5
Volume 8 Number 4 2003 The Labour Party and Nationalism - Bobby Dazzlers : Women`s involvement in the South Wales Confectionery Industry in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries - Glowyr Cymru ym Mosgo : Welsh Communists at the Lenin School between the wars - Inter-war Unemployment in South Wales and Birmingham : Towards a Comparative Overview - Victory : The Labour Party and the Trade Unions in Wales 1945-1951 - Wales`s 'Unionist nationalist' : Sir Thomas Phillips (1801-67) - 'Excesses of the Past : Or Stopping the Narrative - Marriage as an index of acculturation in the South Wales Coalfield before 1914 5
Volume 9 Number 1 2004 The Wilson Government and Pit Closures in South Wales 1964-1970 - The Cardiganshire Election of 1966 - Migrating Into the Mainstream of Welsh History: The Irish and Others in Modern Wales - Aneurin: Reinventing Labour, the Voices of a New Generation - Servants in early Modern Wales: Co-operation, Conflict and Survival - Intellectual Property, First Time Round: The Re-Invention of the South Wales Miners' Library - Wales in British Politics: Forty Years On - A Valley Community in Transition: Ynysybwl In 1966 - Notes on a Neglected Topic: General Unionism in Wales 5
Volume 9 Number 2 2005 'Stand By Your Man': Wives, Women and Feminism During the Miners' Strike, 1984-85 - Professor L. J. Williams (1927-2004): Select Bibliography - 'The Only Profession That Was Around': Opting for Teaching in the South Wales Valleys in the Inter-War Years - 'Sit Down to Starve or Stand up to Live': Community, protest and the means Test in the Rhondda Valleys, 1931-1939 - The Universal Khaki: The Impact of the Asylum War Hospitals Scheme on Cardiff City Mental Hospital, 1915-1920 - The Welsh Economy - Historical Myth or Modern Reality? 5
Volume 9 Number 3 2006

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: Ninety Years of Working for Peace in Wales; Gender Imbalance, Marriage Patterns and Culture Maintenance: The Welsh in an Australian Gold Town, 1850-1900; Politics, Place and History: The Life and Novels of Menna Gallie; Reminiscences of My Experience as a Bevin Boy; Oratory, Rhetoric and Politics: Neil Kinnock’s ‘Thousand Generations’ Speech and the General Election of 1987.

Volume 9 Number 4 2007 

Re-Shaping Victorian Swansea:  A Case-Study in Early ‘Town Planning’?; Cardiff and the Valleys: the Rise of a New City-Region?; Celebration and Social Divergence: Swansea and the Golden Jubilee, 1887; Miners’ Learning in the South Wales Coalfield 1900-1947;  'A Social Frankenstein': Inciting Interpretations of Prostitution in Late Nineteenth-Century Swansea; Rooms at the Top’ Cardiff’s Municipal Museum, 1862-1912; The South Wales Regional Survey 1921: The Genesis and Legacy of a Regional Planning Milestone; Success in Art and Industries? The Cardiff Exhibition, 1896’.

Volume 10 Number 1 2008

Identifying the Black Presence in Eighteenth-Century Wales; Transnationalism and Modern British Labour History; I Can't Believe It's Not Butter: Industrial Relations in Cardiff City Mental Hospital before the First World War; Desmond Donnelly and the United Democratic Party, 1968-70; A 'Splendid Field'? Emma Goldman in South Wales, 1925; My Dear Dear Emma: Turning Emma Goldman's life into accessible television;  Y Wasg Gymraeg yn Nhrefedigaeth Awstralia.

Volume 10 Number 2 2009

Hon chyfrol ydy ond ar gael at aelodau. Ai ddeisyfi at ca adysgrif, blesio asetha Llafur.

Robert Owen: Socialist Visionary; Working-Class Solidarity? The Miners and the Merthyr Boroughs By-Election of 1888; The Calm Before the Storm? The South Wales Miners Versus the Thatcher Government 1979-1983; Y Fasnach Gaethweision a Chymru Forwrol; Miners in the Margins: Characterising South Wales and Cape Breton as an Industrial Frontier, 1880-1939; 'Defend the Rights of the Roads Your Fathers Fought For': The Blaina Riots of 1935; David Gwynfryn Jones: Methodist, Socialist, Welshman.

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