Welsh People's History Society

Llafur: the Journal of Welsh People’s History is published annually in the Autumn / Winter. The journal is bilingual and welcomes submissions in either English or Welsh.

The editors are glad to receive contributions on all periods of the history of the Welsh people. While most of what we have published so far is concerned with the modern period, we welcome suitable articles on any period of Welsh history. As the subtitle of the journal suggests we approach history from below and are interested in the experience of the ‘ordinary’ people. We are proud of our record in modern labour history and of being the principal journal in which work in women’s history has been published in Wales. But we are always keen to extend our boundaries into new periods and new approaches.

Llafur is a scholarly journal, and most articles are based on original research and reflect this in their footnotes. But the editors expect articles to be presented in an accessible style, with the general reader in mind.

We particularly welcome suitable recollections and memoirs, or revealing documents which deserve a wider audience.

Many of our authors are publishing their first piece of work and the editors are happy to offer advice on presentation, style and suggestions for revision, or to discuss proposed contributions before submission. A style sheet is available to download here.

The journal does not in the ordinary way review books, but the editors do, from time to time, commission articles which give surveys of particular fields in the subject or review a batch of related recent publications. Anyone with ideas for such articles should contact the editors, by email or post, to discuss a proposal rather than submit a finished article.

Articles are normally read by both editors who make decisions and offer advice. We sometimes seek the advice of outside readers as referees. Please submit hard copy in the first instance. Wherever possible contributions should be word processed, and finally submitted on disk or via email. But no contributor should be deterred from writing for the journal if they are unable to do this. Many contributions to the journal are around 5,000 words in length but the editors are happy to discuss and consider longer submissions.

Articles in English should be sent to:

Dr Steven Thompson,
Department of History and Welsh History,
Aberystwyth University,
Hugh Owen Building,
SY23 3DY


Dr Stephanie Ward
4.28 School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Cardiff University
Humanities Building
Colum Drive
CF10 3EU


Articles in Welsh should be sent to to:

Dr Paul O’Leary,
Adran Hanes a Hanes Cymru,
Prifysgol Cymru, Aberystywth,
SY23 3DY